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Risperdal 2Mg 20 Tablets ingredient Risperidon


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Risperdal 2Mg 20 Tablets ingredient Risperidon

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• You are allergic to any of the excipients in the composition of Risperidone or RISPERDAL

(see list of excipients)

• Prolonged QT syndrome (severe arrhythmia in the heart and sudden a condition that can lead to death)

or torsades de pointes (life-threatening irregular heart rhythm) Ifpatients.

you use risperdal

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- If there is a problem with your heart. This may be an irregular heart rhythm orblood pressure

low(blood pressure), or you may be using blood pressure medications.

RISPERDAL may cause a lower blood pressure. Your drug dosetoadjusted

may needbe.

- If there is any situation that may lead to a stroke. These arehigh blood pressure,

conditions such ascardiovascular disease or impairment of brain circulation.

- Previously, your language, mouth or face if you want to move outside of your request


- If you've had a disease called Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome.this

Symptoms ofdisease include fever, stiffness in the muscles, sweating or loss of consciousness


- Parkinson's disease If you have a dementia or dementia

- If you have a decrease in the number of white blood cells beforehand (this maycertain medications

be due to the use ofor for some other reason).

- you have diabetes (diabetes) or if you have a risk of developing diabetes

- heart or blood vessels  diseases related to you or brain blood vessel disease


- epilepsy (epilepsy) or if you have Parkinson's disease

- If you are male and prolonged or painful, a an erection (erectile)

have had

- if you are having difficulty in controlling your body temperature or your body is too hot

- Heart attack or transient ischemic attack (temporary reduction of cerebral blood flow)

have had

- if you have liver or kidney disease

- the amount of the hormone prolactin in your blood more, or if a prospective If you have a prolactin-related


- If you have a hereditary long QT syndrome (heart beat rhythm)

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- If you or any of your family has a history of blood clotting (antipsychotics

are associated with blood clot formation).

In patients receiving RISPERDAL very rarelyrequired to fight infection

, there have been dangerous decreases in the number of white blood cells in some species that are. Therefore, your

doctor may want to check your white blood cell counts.

RISPERDAL can cause you to gain weight. Significant weight gainhealth

may adversely affect your. Your doctor should check your weight regularly.

Your, as patients with RISPERDAL taking diabetesdiabetes or pre-existing diabetes

doctorsymptoms of an increase in blood sugarmay worsen

should check the. In patients with diabetes previously, blood glucose (glucose)beregularly


During eye surgery due to blur (cataract) of the eye lens, the pupil

(the black circle in the center of the eye) may not expand as required. At the same time, the iris

(the colored part of the eye) can loosen during the operation, which can cause eye damage.

If you are planning an eye operation, pleasedoctor that you are taking this medicine

tell your.

Elderly patients with dementia Anin elderly patients with dementia

increased risk of stroke may occur.stroke-induced

If you havedementia, you should not use risperidone.

If you or your caregiver notice a sudden change in your mental state, aface,

sudden weakness or numbness in yourarms and legs, or a speech

disorder, contact your doctor immediately. These may be signs of a stroke.


- Conventional and atypical antipsychotic drugsof elderly patients with dementia

cause an increased risk of death when used in the treatment.

Pleasethese warnings are valid for you, even at any time in the past

consult your doctor if.

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